2018’s understated science fiction drama tackles family dynamics and personal responsibility with the dashed hopes of more to come

Missing in action since 2002, Liu Kang returns to the forefront of ‘Mortal Kombat’ in his first franchise altering story since the 90s

Liu Kang (modeled after Youngtaxlee, and voiced by Michael Yang King) in “Mortal Kombat 11” is the most realized the character has been since the 1995 film. | © NetherRealm Studios.

‘King of the Monsters’ follows the all-too common trend of science fiction and broadcasts Malthusian fascism in its tale of climate change

King Ghidorah acts independently of the human villains but carries out their every desire. | © Warner Bros. Ent.

Godzilla and his motley crew of human allies are just along for the ride


Supermassive walks the path of least resistance in their latest game about a family haunted by past sins

‘Star Wars’ was never a planned story, but it also wasn’t subject to the whims of no plan at all either

Late environment concept piece of Rey on Jakku (“The Force Awakens”). | © 2014 Yanick Dusseault

Episode IX drives home the message that ‘Star Wars’ doesn’t have the room nor the creatives necessary to support diverse narratives

You’ll notice whenever a Black actor gains prominence in film and television, it becomes effortless for the audience and TPTB to renegotiate a Black character’s significance within the works they appear. What’s uncontested importance for white characters is debatable for Black characters.

Episode IX never stood much chance of being a good film, and the bitter pill is living with that reality

However let down Boyega and Isaac are by the story, constant quipping and humor of “The Rise of Skywalker”, both actors continue to demonstrate a dynamic stronger than anything Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver conjure in a contrite battle of “Light vs. Dark” by simply feeding into their natural chemistry.

‘The Last Jedi’ is not a sequel to ‘The Force Awakens’ but a standard, non-subversive refutation of its ideas and its lead characters

Brian Rood unintentionally illustrates the dynamics of “The Last Jedi” in the positioning of the characters, none of whom are done any real justice by the script. | © 2017 LucasFilm

The start of the Sequel Trilogy is flawed and clumsy, but its heart is mostly in the right place with the right director and screenwriter

Ah, yes, the scene that made millions of Star Wars fans lose their marbles and expose themselves online as racists. | © 2015 LucasFilm

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